Multi-Cooker DIY Yogurt

Multi-Cooker DIY Yogurt

  • Cook Time

    20 min

  • servings

    2L of Homemade Yogurt

  • appliance

    BELLA 6QT 10 in 1 Multi-Cooker


What You'll Need

2L of whole milk (3.25% Fat)

Regular plain yogurt with active bacteria in the list of ingredients


What To Do
  • Pour milk into your BELLA 10 in 1 Multi-Cooker
  • Close the pressure cooker and the steam release
  • Select Soup function. Allow pressure build-up and timer to start automatically. Wait until the end of cycle to release pressure before opening.
  • Strain the milk to remove all the undesired bits
  • Once strained, let the pot with the milk sit outside of your BELLA 10 in 1 Multi-Cooker until the milk reaches 110F
  • When the milk temperature is at 110F, put 2 tablespoons of regular plain yogurt (use Greek yogurt if you want Greek yogurt) in the pot with the milk and mix the whole thing
  • Put the pot back in the pressure cooker
  • Close the lid
  • Leave it for a minimum of 8hrs